Friday, February 3, 2012

My walkway for less than 94 bucks!

Back in October 2010, our foundation shrubs were getting to be a bit too big. My husband decided to dig all of them out...  Here's what it looked like after:

We definitely need some curb appeal, so I headed to Lowe's to see what I could come up with.   It just so happened that Lowe's was having a 20% off sale on their patio stones.  Here's what I purchased:
138 Harvard paving bricks at 18 cents each!! yes, 18 cents!
138 paver bricks $24.84
29 12x12 patio stones in red and gray  $34.22
4 16x16 patio stones $11.12
2 bags rock base and 2 bags Pea gravel  $16.90
Landscaping fabric $0.00 (already had some)
1 bag of paving sand $0.00 (already had some)
Sales tax at 7%  $6.10
Grand total:  a whopping $93.18

(the birdbath fountain was purchased at Lowe's in September for $20.00.)

Here's what we did for less than $94.00.....we used the paver bricks to outline our foundation plantings, and used them to outline the "walkway".  We then laid double layers of landscaping fabric down.  We did not dig or level, because our front lawn is very flat.

We then started at the front steps and placed four 16x16 patio stones, as a landing pad and then proceeded to placed the 12x12 diagonally until we reached the stopping point, which was the mailbox.  The areas that didn't have patio stones were filled in with rock base and sand, and swept into the spaces between the stones. We then topped them off with pea gravel.  We then watered everything down.  Probably not the "proper" way to do it, but it's been there since October 2011 and it's still working great...with no problems at all.

And now... the final photos....
Our new walkway for under $94.00 and we love it.

Our home needs a little TLC, so this spring, the front porch and door will be painted and some new plantings will go in.  I will update you all in Spring.
bricks used to outline our foundation plantings and filled in the area with mulch
Our diagonally placed patio stone walkway with pea gravel

Our new walkway...
Have a great evening everyone!  I'd love to hear your thoughts on what we did!


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